Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking off...

We are off! 2:30pm On the tarmac at Charlotte Douglass International Airport waiting for instructions to leave for our first leg to Atlanta - our families first mission trip and visit to Peru. We are on board a Delta flight with 24 total participants on the trip (4 have already gone ahead of us). After a 1 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta we are to board another Delta flight for our 7 hour connection to Lima, Peru. We are prayed up too! We had 3 pre-trip meetings where we prayed corporately and it is obvious that at a minimum all of the adults have been praying for this trip if not many of our kids as well. It is in the high 90's as we begin to taxi on to the runway with slight scattered clouds. I feel confident in my associates who I have entrusted the care of my business for the next 17 days as we trek about Peru doing our mission work during the first 7 days and touring the country on our own during the last 10 days. God has been good to our family and I think each member is aware of that. My prayer is that HE draws us closer to Him and that we maintain an attitude of expectation - that He will move in each of our lives. Israel Houghton has said that "expectation is the breeding ground for miracles". I expect a miracle, at least one to be obvious to me. God is the provider and only He knows all the details. Our job is to be obedient to His calling and keep placing our faith in Him daily. Our mission with Samaritan's Feet is to build relationships with those we meet on the trip, spreading the Good News of the Gospel and meeting their needs for shoes (mostly for children). We are trying to earn a right to be heard as those in Young Life like to say. First we must be there on the grounds, second we must take the steps to reach out and be silly for Jesus as Manny, the founder of Samaritan's Feet, continues to tell us. We have heard similar words at Elevation Church when Pastor Craig Groeschel tells us that we need to be fools for God. We must be willing to let the Holy Spirit open us up and expose us as living, breathin,g sacrifices wholly acceptable to the living God. How do we do this? I often ask that question - how do I let go and just let God have His way with me? I pray for this and for Anne and our kids. Blakely, Catherine, Taylor and Ford need this experience to know that they are blessed so much more materially than 99% of the world. But they also need to know that inner joy, peace and humility are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and are available for all in limitless quantities. This will be a great trip! Stay tuned! Clark

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