Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Day

Today was unforgettable...we gathered after everyone ate breakfast and unpacked around 11 am...Our family was in charge of the devotion for this morning...Blakely opened us in prayer - Ford and Taylor read a scripture and Clark gave us a little talk on being on GODS team and trusting in HIM. Afterwards Manny went around the room and asked what we are thankful for...most of the responses were pretty predictable...'my family'...but Steve Smith's word was that he was thankful for Ford and his courage to get up there beside his father and read GODS WORD...he was thankful to see when Ford stumbled on a word that he did not know - that he stood tall next to his father and did not waiver or become anxious. It was precious. We too have a HEAVENLY FATHER that we can stand next to and not become anxious. When we stumble, we know that HE is right there beside us - gently guiding us along the way. After our meeting we all gathered and walked down a few blocks to PARDOS CHICKEN for lunch. Simple lunch - rotisserie chicken and homemade potato fries without all the preservatives...they bring the chicken and fries and three yummy sauces to your table. It was quite tasty. The place was packed when we left. After lunch we all went across the street to WONG the grocery store...pretty impressive. We bought TONS of water and snacks and games for the kids we are ministering this week. As we were checking out with all our goods - two grocers wheeled the carts back to our hotel for that was service! 3 pm and we all board a bus heading to a little village...It took about an hour touring through dirt and dusty roads. Images to come later. We arrived with lolly pops in hand to pass out to everyone who came out. I cannot describe this in words...only thing I can say is that it was HUMBLING. VERY HUMBLNG. I got a tour - well some of us had to use the bathroom - so we were allowed in one of the neighbors walked into a dirt floor room - off to the right were two round the bend to a crib and table and underneath the table were a pile of potatoes. The woman motioned us back to the bathroom - outside - no back door - little ducklings and roosters roaming around and around the corner was a cube made out of something a little stronger than cardboard and there it was - the toilet - just sitting on the ground by itself. On a hole - nothing else - HUMBLING - What do I take for granted - wow - my kids were with me to experience this - we will be experiencing this a lot more in the next few days...powerful! Ford and the other kids played soccer out on a dusty field - while the others stayed up on the hillside passing out suckers. After a dusty long ride home and a stop at a local store (somewhat like Costco) to buy food for lunch tomorrow (making sandwiches for 200 kids) we came home to pizza ordered in from Pizza Hut!! I am amazed at how the kids have picked up some new incredible friends...It is a great joy to see everyone laughing and loving each other! Off to bed - not sure how to get this uploaded on to the blog - so just going to email each of you tonight...BLESSINGS!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking off...

We are off! 2:30pm On the tarmac at Charlotte Douglass International Airport waiting for instructions to leave for our first leg to Atlanta - our families first mission trip and visit to Peru. We are on board a Delta flight with 24 total participants on the trip (4 have already gone ahead of us). After a 1 1/2 hour layover in Atlanta we are to board another Delta flight for our 7 hour connection to Lima, Peru. We are prayed up too! We had 3 pre-trip meetings where we prayed corporately and it is obvious that at a minimum all of the adults have been praying for this trip if not many of our kids as well. It is in the high 90's as we begin to taxi on to the runway with slight scattered clouds. I feel confident in my associates who I have entrusted the care of my business for the next 17 days as we trek about Peru doing our mission work during the first 7 days and touring the country on our own during the last 10 days. God has been good to our family and I think each member is aware of that. My prayer is that HE draws us closer to Him and that we maintain an attitude of expectation - that He will move in each of our lives. Israel Houghton has said that "expectation is the breeding ground for miracles". I expect a miracle, at least one to be obvious to me. God is the provider and only He knows all the details. Our job is to be obedient to His calling and keep placing our faith in Him daily. Our mission with Samaritan's Feet is to build relationships with those we meet on the trip, spreading the Good News of the Gospel and meeting their needs for shoes (mostly for children). We are trying to earn a right to be heard as those in Young Life like to say. First we must be there on the grounds, second we must take the steps to reach out and be silly for Jesus as Manny, the founder of Samaritan's Feet, continues to tell us. We have heard similar words at Elevation Church when Pastor Craig Groeschel tells us that we need to be fools for God. We must be willing to let the Holy Spirit open us up and expose us as living, breathin,g sacrifices wholly acceptable to the living God. How do we do this? I often ask that question - how do I let go and just let God have His way with me? I pray for this and for Anne and our kids. Blakely, Catherine, Taylor and Ford need this experience to know that they are blessed so much more materially than 99% of the world. But they also need to know that inner joy, peace and humility are the gifts of the Holy Spirit and are available for all in limitless quantities. This will be a great trip! Stay tuned! Clark

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The countdown is on for our mission trip to Peru with Samaritan's Feet.  I am thrilled to be heading out of 106 degree weather to wintertime in Peru!  Needless to say, I cannot wait to travel with my family.  Spending 24/7 with my entire family.  No computers, no phones, no texting, or checking emails (my worst habit).  I will be posting photos of our journey along the way and will encourage everyone to write updates on our adventure.  

Thank you for your prayers along this journey.  I know that this will be an incredible experience for each of us!  Stay tuned for photos!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank You for your SUPPORT!

Thank you for your support!  We have reached our goal for the Mission Trip with Samaritan's Feet and hopefully everyone has received their 'Angel Print' OR a print of 'Shoes of Hope'.
We leave July 9th and will be gone for a week with Samaritan's Feet traveling each day to villages outside of Lima.  We will be washing the feet of many precious children as well as ministering to them,  teaching them about the LOVE of Jesus and then fitting them with brand new shoes!  I am so excited to expose my children to this incredible kind of servanthood!  We are going to be traveling with some pretty amazing people . . . stay tuned for all the updates via the blog.  

Our family will be continuing the journey of trekking through Peru after our mission trip is completed - We head out of Lima on the 16th to explore the jungle . . . Cuzco (The Sacred Valley) and finally Machu Picchu.   Photos will follow!  
Please keep our family (as well as the families traveling with Samaritan's Feet) in your prayers for safe travels!  We BELIEVE that the Lord our Provider and Shepherd will provide for us and guide us each step of the way on this journey!  

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”

Isaiah 6:8 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Walk In Faith"
Oil on Canvas

$400 (unframed)
$475 (framed)

I am loving layering on color and texture creating these little angel TREASURES...100% of the sales proceeds will benefit Samaritan's Feet.  If you would like to purchase this little angel - please let me know!  I am only doing a limited number of these little paintings!  Have a wonderful day!

"For He will command His Angels concerning you and will guard you in all your ways"Psalm 91:11

Friday, May 11, 2012

"My Hearts Desire"

"My Hearts Desire"
Oil on Canvas
$400 (unframed)
$475 (framed)

A new Angel!  I have decided to paint a few original small angels and have 100% of the proceeds go to Samaritan's Feet - If you are looking for a gift, or just a small original painting - please let me know We are trying to raise awareness as well as funds for our mission trip this summer with Samaritan's Feet.  I know that it will be a life changing experience for each one of us!  Thank you for your support!!  I look forward to keeping everyone updated on details of the trip!  Stay tuned...

If you would like to purchase this Angel, please contact me at

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shoes Of Hope

I am getting ready to make little prints on canvas (6x6) of "Shoes Of Hope" We would love to share a giclee print with anyone who would love to come along side and support The Traveling Six in our mission trip this summer with Samaritan's Feet!  

If you feel led to help support Samaritan's Feet you can click on the link below - all donations are tax deductible!  I will mail prints within two weeks!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Heading to Peru!

Dear Family, Friends and Art lovers!

This summer our family of six will be traveling to Peru July 9th for a mission trip with Samaritan's Feet - based and located here in Charlotte, NC.  A LOT of THOUGHT and PRAYER has gone into this decision and we have finally made the commitment to join this amazing group (there will be about 4 families going - including the founder and his family).  Here a little glimpse of Samaritan's Feet:

Samaritan’s Feet and its team of global ambassadors have touched the lives of men, women, and children across the United States and around the world in an effort help the nearly 300 million people who go without shoes each day, and the more than a million who die (Dying without Shoes) each year as a result. Through this simple act humility and servant-leadership, our team members and volunteers are the expressing love, compassion, and a message that brings hope.

At first when we crunched the numbers - taking all six of us to Peru - we just did not think that we could make it work out financially.  Clark spoke with the founder, Manny Ohonme  who encourages anyone going on a mission trip to build a fundraising team for support and raise awareness for the cause - ALL DONATIONS ARE MADE TO SAMARITAN'S FEET AND ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.   I hate asking people for money - so we are coming up with 'CREATIVE' ways to say Thank You for your support.  

As a personal way to 'thank you' I have a limited number of Angel Prints: "Angels In Our Midst" OR "The Earth Is Full Of His Glory" (size 11x14) OR prints of "Shoes Of Hope" (size 6x6) that will be mailed to donors donating $100 and up - you will just have to specify which PRINT you would like when you make your donation which is very easy to do (For donations over $500 I will send all three!)

To donate:  click on this link and follow the steps!

We also ask that you would keep each of us lifted up in prayer!  ESPECIALLY our four children ages 17, 16, 14, and 11.  I believe this will be a life changing experience for them.

Blessings to all!!

The Neilson's

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20