Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Day

Today was unforgettable...we gathered after everyone ate breakfast and unpacked around 11 am...Our family was in charge of the devotion for this morning...Blakely opened us in prayer - Ford and Taylor read a scripture and Clark gave us a little talk on being on GODS team and trusting in HIM. Afterwards Manny went around the room and asked what we are thankful for...most of the responses were pretty predictable...'my family'...but Steve Smith's word was that he was thankful for Ford and his courage to get up there beside his father and read GODS WORD...he was thankful to see when Ford stumbled on a word that he did not know - that he stood tall next to his father and did not waiver or become anxious. It was precious. We too have a HEAVENLY FATHER that we can stand next to and not become anxious. When we stumble, we know that HE is right there beside us - gently guiding us along the way. After our meeting we all gathered and walked down a few blocks to PARDOS CHICKEN for lunch. Simple lunch - rotisserie chicken and homemade potato fries without all the preservatives...they bring the chicken and fries and three yummy sauces to your table. It was quite tasty. The place was packed when we left. After lunch we all went across the street to WONG the grocery store...pretty impressive. We bought TONS of water and snacks and games for the kids we are ministering this week. As we were checking out with all our goods - two grocers wheeled the carts back to our hotel for that was service! 3 pm and we all board a bus heading to a little village...It took about an hour touring through dirt and dusty roads. Images to come later. We arrived with lolly pops in hand to pass out to everyone who came out. I cannot describe this in words...only thing I can say is that it was HUMBLING. VERY HUMBLNG. I got a tour - well some of us had to use the bathroom - so we were allowed in one of the neighbors walked into a dirt floor room - off to the right were two round the bend to a crib and table and underneath the table were a pile of potatoes. The woman motioned us back to the bathroom - outside - no back door - little ducklings and roosters roaming around and around the corner was a cube made out of something a little stronger than cardboard and there it was - the toilet - just sitting on the ground by itself. On a hole - nothing else - HUMBLING - What do I take for granted - wow - my kids were with me to experience this - we will be experiencing this a lot more in the next few days...powerful! Ford and the other kids played soccer out on a dusty field - while the others stayed up on the hillside passing out suckers. After a dusty long ride home and a stop at a local store (somewhat like Costco) to buy food for lunch tomorrow (making sandwiches for 200 kids) we came home to pizza ordered in from Pizza Hut!! I am amazed at how the kids have picked up some new incredible friends...It is a great joy to see everyone laughing and loving each other! Off to bed - not sure how to get this uploaded on to the blog - so just going to email each of you tonight...BLESSINGS!

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